Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in Edmonton Alberta

Improving the Quality of Life for Both Men and Women in the Greater Edmonton Area

Edmonton Bioidentical Hormone TherapyAlthough they are tiny, the hormones in your body are responsible for coordinating several complex functions. These include physical growth, behavior, sexuality, fertility, emotions, and metabolism. When your hormones function as they should, you probably don’t give them a second thought. That changes when you experience several uncomfortable symptoms due to imbalance. All you can think about then is finding relief and getting your life back.

Fast Symptom Relief Using Natural Ingredients

Many women and some men have tried traditional hormone replacement therapy in Edmonton Alberta. Unfortunately, it didn’t bring the relief they expected and may have even caused additional problems. If you’re among this group of people, BHRT offers you something better. Pharmacists create each bioidentical hormone compound from natural plant materials rather than artificial chemicals. This is easier on the body, resulting in faster absorption and resolution of your symptoms. There are few side effects associated with BHRT since its genetic makeup is so similar to human anatomy.

Another major benefit of undergoing BHRT in Edmonton is that your doctor and a local pharmacist create an individual compound for you. In order to do this, your doctor conducts a physical exam and a few simple laboratory tests. He or she also interviews you to understand why you are seeking Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Commonly Reported Benefits of BHRT

Your age, gender, and physical condition all play a large role in the production and function of your body’s hormones. These factors also influence the severity and number of symptoms you experience when your hormone levels fluctuate more than normal. In spite of this, many people experience common benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Edmonton Alberta. These include:

No more mood swings
People whose hormones are perfectly balanced also experience anxiety and depression, but these mood disorders can be debilitating for those with a hormone imbalance. Extreme irritability is often a factor as well. BHRT balances the hormones that send chemical messages to the brain, which in turn evens out the emotions.
Better sexual relationships
Hormones affect sexual desire and the pleasure centers in the brain, so it makes sense that some people struggle with low libido when the affected hormones are deficient. Even when desire remains high, some men and women don’t have the physical ability to follow through with intercourse. Balancing the testosterone and estrogen hormones with BHRT helps improve both issues.
Improved energy level
Chronic fatigue is one of the most common complaints people have before starting BHRT. They feel run-down all of the time, despite getting adequate sleep and eating a healthy diet. In many cases, these individuals have an undiagnosed case of hypothyroidism. When the thyroid hormone is balanced using BHRT, their energy levels improve. Those suffering from adrenal fatigue benefit from balancing of the cortisol hormone.
Healthier body weight
Unexplained weight gain and accumulation of abdominal fat are major issues caused by midlife hormone decline. Speeding up the metabolism with BHRT helps to accelerate weight and fat loss. It also helps to build muscle mass, another casualty of hormone imbalance.
Better ability to concentrate
Fuzzy thinking is a classic indication that something isn’t right with the hormones. Perhaps you can relate to not being able to focus at work or forgetting details like your daughter’s dentist appointment or mother-in-law’s birthday. You’re not going crazy and you’re not intentionally neglectful. Instead, it’s likely that the hormones that control memory and concentration are deficient. BHRT can help make your mind sharp again.

The above are just some of the numerous benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy in Edmonton Alberta. Contact a Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy specialist in your area of Edmonton Alberta to learn more today!

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